Event Consulting

BluElefante was established by those who specialize in creating sophisticated, fun, and cutting edge events. With over 10 years of event and project management experience we have developed a strong knowledge and understanding of all of the elements that feed into creating seamless events and unforgettable moments.

We believe ourselves to be more like conductors rather than “event planners, in that the true experience of an event for you and your guests should be like a beautifully crafted orchestra, with each part moving in harmony with the other. Our mission is to ensure that every detail is attended to and your goals are thoughtfully met with lasting impressions.

We strategize, design, create, manage, and execute your concepts to produce unique experiences for you and your guests. Our areas of expertise include: galas and fundraisers, major public events, festivals, concerts, product launches, conferences, business meetings, fashion shows, private dinners, social gatherings, and other custom experiences. Our events are as unique as our clients, from individuals to companies to non-profits.

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Event Management

BluElefante specializes in full event management. Our specialist would work with your team or committee to assist in the many moving parts that go into planning and kicking off a spectacular event! This includes creating a theme, securing a venue, managing vendor contracts, overseeing production and execution of all event elements, securing invitations, online guest management with registration and check-in, marketing and promotion, sponsor relations, overnight ocommidations, travel, budgeting, and live entertainment. Basically, anything that your event would require, we would handle first-hand keeping you informed every step of the way. We get into the weeds to help save you time and frustrations so you can focus on the things you love….your guests and the anticipation of the day!

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Vendor Management

If you already have your team in place working on the details, however, you would like someone to assist with your vendors, then BluElefante would be a great partner. We would be happy to help manage and negotiate vendor contracts on your behalf, ensuring that your event stays on budget by getting the best rates available from your choice vendors.

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Guest Management

One of the most important elements of an event isn’t actually the event itself, it’s your guests and the proper management of them! From the very first email, tweet, post, or invitation, you want to make sure your guests are experiencing something fabulous and special just for them. They should be excited from the first touch and gradually build until the day your doors open. Streamlining registration and check-in or online donations are a must-have for today’s events!

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Full Event Promotion

Before you even start choosing themes and locations, consider how you are going to promote your event and effectively reach the audience you want to attend. Have you identified your target market? Set fundraising goals and the means to measure those goals? Developed an effective digital & traditional marketing campaign? Has a marketing budget been established? BluElefante can assist in developing a thorough and concise marketing campaign to fit all budgets to make sure you’re not only shouting from the rooftops, but that your message turns into ticket sales, attendance and sponsorships!

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Partner with Team BLU and let’s build something fantastic and unforgettable!