Social Media

It is nearly impossible to stay competitive these days without a strong social media presence. Some love being “social” and others see it as a necessary evil. Can you guess which side we’re on? The world of social media is an exciting landscape of discovery, development and a space to truly stretch your creative legs!
However, just because it can be fun, doesn’t mean that it is easy. That’s why Team Blu is here to help. With that ever changing landscape comes the challenge to constantly create engaging content, keep up with the evolving formulas that determine what audience sees your message, and evaluate the engagement you receive.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important part of your whole marketing mix in that it serves as a bridge from your website to an individual’s personal email box.  Nothing is more valuable than your client email list!  It is more precious than gold…so don’t forget to utilize the most valuable asset you have.  Team Blu can help you compose meaningful and targeted messages to your clients in order to stay connected with your brand and the important things in your customer’s life.


Blogging has come a long way over the years. It’s no longer just Betsy’s travel diary or Eddie’s food review…it’s a source of knowledge, inspiration, revelation, and application! What do you want the World to know about you, your company, product or service? Notice I said World? (with a Big “W” cuz we don’t do small!) That’s because this is your chance to speak to the entire WORLD and share your expertise, give advice, provide something different or useful to attract new peeps and engage your besties (otherwise known as “customers). Blogs are also critical in helping your website rise to the top of the ranks. How you ask? Well, for every well-written and SEO-rich blog you post, Google gives you a “virtual gold star” and starts to recognize your content as meaningful. The more gold stars you have in Google’s eyes, the more your website will be prominent in searches, also making you an “authority” on your topics or industry.

Writing isn’t everyone’s forte though, and it can be very time consuming researching a topic and making it meaningful to the reader. So if you want to get blogging, or if you were always just the kid who liked getting stickers from the teacher, Team BLU would love to help you with that (and we’ll give you a sticker)!

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