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Our passion for creating highly impactful events and an unforgettable experience helps you entertain or fundraise with perfection!

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Have you ever had a great idea for an event, or a longing to gather all of your friends and family together for a great experience, but saw that planning that epic event turned out to be more challenging or time consuming than you thought it would be?

Those are the things that we love, and we have a passion for creating highly impactful events, both visually and experientially, to help you entertain or fundraise with perfection!

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Let’s make something unforgettable! From corporate events and fundraisers to unique parties and festivals.


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Sarah Effertz, owner of Blu Elefante events, has a passion for creating unforgettable moments that bring people together to celebrate the things that are important to you! With over 15 years of event planning and marketing experience, Sarah has helped create powerful and profitable fundraisers…



Flawless execution, exceptional customer service, combined with masterful attention to detail and innovation set Blu Elefante apart from all others. Going above and beyond, every time, are the hallmarks of Sarah and her team. Do not miss an opportunity to work with this fantastic organization!

Vince Benedetto, Bold Gold Media

Blu Elefante has been our go-to company for events, product launches, web support, & vendor shows. We would be lost without Sarah’s fine-tuned organizational skills, attention to detail, & innovative vision. Blu Elefante just gets it!

Stacy Giovannucci, Alchemy Home Company

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